ZERO Commitment!  Zero Risk!  Start Selling With Barstar Today!

Increase your revenue and improve your Yelp! reviews with Barstar all with ZERO commitment and ZERO risk.  The Barstar life is all about cocktailing without the typical hassle of waiting to order a drink at the bar.  Give your customers the tools they need to take the fun to the next level.  They will reward you with increased orders, better tips and rave reviews.  Plus, no more hassle with forgotten credit cards.  Your customers conveniently pay with their credit card straight from their phone.


Send Alerts To Our Legions of Barstar Cocktail Fans.

Book a hot new DJ?  Add a new special?  Or invite everyone to watch the next big game!  Tell the Barstar community with a Barstar push notification.  When the word gets out, Barstars love to check out what's happening, join the revelrie and order their drinks and food.  Watch your sales and profits skyrocket!

Cross-Promote With Brands

Working with brands like Uber, Barstar can offer your patrons and guests unique experiences only a mobile app can provide like free cab service, and special liquor promotions.  These are benefits only your Barstar customers can take advantage of all at no cost to you.

You Device, our software!

All you need is an iPad (2nd Generation or later) and a waterproof case and you'll be ready to use Barstar.  The iPad can also be mounted to any surface in your establishment with a suction mount.  We can set you up in less than 15 minutes and there's little training time required from your staff.  An order pops up on the iPad ready to be filled.  Watch your volume soar!

Training And Support

Barstar offers training for bartenders and staff.  We also provide a laminated quick reference guide for using Barstar Back Bar.  We are available 24/7.  Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with Barstar Back Bar.


Need Tickets?

Barstar can also work with a ticket printer if you like to use tickets.  Tickets print out with the table number where drinks and food are ordered so servers know where to bring orders.  Ask you Barstar sales rep for details.

Secure Credit Card Transactions

Barstar utilizes, Stripe, a third party payment processing company. Stripe is the premier PCI compliant e-commerce payment processing system.  Stripe ensures credit card data is safe with a token method.  They charge 2.9% +$0.30 per transaction.  Transfers are made in 2 days after initial set-up.


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1.  Increase sales and customer satisfaction. 

2.  Easy to setup and modify.

3.  On-site training. 

4.  24/7 Support


1.  Barstar is FREE for bars.  No risk!

2.  You provide the hardware and and we provide the software all at no cost to you. 

3.  Credit card fees are 2.9% +$0.30 per transaction.